Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cricut Goes Back to School

Well Summer is over and it’s time to go back to school.  My daughter had an assignment over the Summer to read a book and turn in a book report on the first day of school.  Part of the book report was to make a scrapbook page featuring characters and events from the story.  That sounded like too much to fit on a single page, so we decided to make a mini scrapbook instead and give each character their own little page.  Nothing makes a project like this easier than the cricut. 

Here is the cover of the book.  Nothing fancy, just simple and to the point.  birthday 001_edited-1 [1280x768]

The title was cut using the Pooh Font cartridge.  Next, we move on to Stuart’s page.  We cut the little mouse from Create a Critter. 

birthday 002_edited-1 [1280x768]

Next we move on to Snowbell the cat.  For this we used Four Legged Friends. 

birthday 003 [1280x768]

For Margolo the bird we used one of the birds from 50 states.

birthday 004 [1280x768]

We also wanted to include some events from the book, so we cut Stuart’s car from Everyday Paperdolls.

birthday 006_edited-1 [1280x768]

The city skyline was cut from Going Places. 

birthday 007_edited-1 [1280x768]

It was so much fun to work with my daughter and use the cricut for her school project.  It also gave me a chance to dig out some cartridges I haven’t used in a while and kind of rediscover them. 

Here is a picture of my co-creator on her first day of school.

birthday 009_edited-1 [1280x768]