Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Scrappy Piglet

Well, the Piggy portion of my blog is branching out. Ainsleigh has started a blog for kids (13 and under) who love to make cards and do other crafts. She calls it Scrappy Piglet the first challenge is to make a card featuring your favorite animal. So, if you have kids that share your love of crafting, please send them to her site. She is very excited about it and can't wait to see what other kids come up with.


Kim Nath said...

Congrats ainsley, I think that is an adorable idea! Your daughter is very talented and enterprising. I am trying to talk my kids into giving it a go but apparently they just have too much to do laying around on their lazy patooties this summer. I'll work on them though.

Chrissy C said...

Congrats ainsleigh! You will have a ball with it!

I love your name. If I have a daughter someday I want to name her Ainsly!

Have fun!