Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flowersoft Globe Tutorial

I thought I would show you how you can use the Flowersoft Globes for stuff other than flowersoft. I have made an Easter egg shaker box card using the flowersoft globe and filling it with tiny plastic Easter Eggs.

tutorial7 [1280x768]

The first step I took was to lay my card base down on my patterned paper (printed from the Imagine More cartridge) and trace the oval opening.

tutorial1 [1280x768]

Then I cut the oval out of the polka dot paper and attached it to the card front.

tutorial2 [1280x768]

Next, I traced the outline of the globe onto another piece of paper that would be the back of my globe and cut it out.

tutorial3 [1280x768] The actual opening of the globe is a little smaller than the back and I wanted to make sure my entire bunny was visible in the globe. To do this, I laid the oval I cut out of the pattern paper onto the paper I was using for the back and made little marks as a guide so I would know where to put the bunny. tutorial5 [1280x768] Once I was sure my bunny was inside the marks, I added an egg I cut with my cricut and then ran through my Cuttlebug for her to sit on.

Now it’s time to attach the globe. I laid the globe down and added the little plastic Easter eggs. I put scor tape all around the edge of the globe. tutorial6 [1280x768] It’s best to make your pieces smaller, the scor tape doesn’t like to bend. I laid the piece of paper with my bunny and egg attached to it face down onto the sticky side of the scor tape. Then I put scor tape all over the inside of the piece of the card where the globe was placed and pushed it firmly to make sure the globe was tucked neatly inside. Then it was time to embellish my card.

I have made a short video showing the embellishments and what the finished card looks like in action.

Don’t be afraid to use your flowersoft globes with stuff other than flowersoft- butttons, pearls, confetti, or whatever your heart desires.

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