Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More Disney Autograph book pages

I only have about 40 more days until my Disney trip, so I've been working hard to finish up my daughter's autograph book.  I have three more pages to post today.  This first page is Daisy. 

I printed some paper on my Imagine for her background page.  All of the layers have been printed and cut on my Imagine using RGB codes.  I added some stickles to this one to give her some bling. 
We're going to the Winnie the Pooh breakfast at the Crystal Palace, so we're making a page for all of the Pooh characters.  Here is Piglet's page. 

All of the Pooh characters have a chevron background page to give that section some uniformity.  My daughter got her nickname Piggy from Piglet, so he's always been a favorite. 

Next I have Kanga and Roo.  I'm not sure we'll see them, but just in case we made them a page also. 

 This is a time consuming project, but it's a lot of fun.  I do have some pointers if you decide to make a project like this of your own. 

1. Punch your pages first-  that way you won't have part of your character chopped up in the holes.  Also, it prevents you from putting a page together backwards.

2.  Use a white pen for the whites of the eyes.  Those pieces are way too small to mess with.  Also, stickles works great for the lips of the princesses and makes it look like they're wearing lipstick.

3.  Write down all the RGB codes you use in case you need to go back. 


Danielle said...

Awesome job! Love the chevron background and all the Pooh characters!

Fran said...

Mindy the new pages are awesome! I love all of them but I think Piglet is my favorite. Your daughter is so lucky to have you as her Mom. But I know you feel lucky having your daughter. Hugs, Fran