Monday, September 30, 2013

Filofax- my new love

I have recently fallen in love with Filofax decorating. A lot of times I have the desire to craft and I definitely have the supplies, I just don't have the time. Enter the Filofax craze. This solves a lot of my problems. I use the planner to keep track of what I have going on and better manage my time. This allows me to see when I have the time to craft. I wish I could say it was this that sucked me into the Filofax craze, but it's not. What did suck me in? When I saw people decorating their Filofax pages, I was hooked. Is this a way to justify buying washi tape, stickers, and adorable Japanese staionery? Why yes, I think it is. I'm not buying this stuff for a hobby, I'm buying it all becuase I need to get organized. (feel free to use this excuse if you need to)
I ordered my first filofax a pocket petal without much research (it's cute and it was on sale). Then, I realized it was probably going to be too small, so I tried to cancel the order and I couldn't. Before the pocket filofax even arrived, I ordered a personal size intending to send the pocket one back, but it's just too cute. I'll find a way to use it. Finally my personal size Domino filofax came and I began decorating it.
Foolishly I thought I would decorate my filofax with the supplies I already have. I mean I have washi tape and stickers I even have some post its hanging around. Every video I watched turned me on to a new product or site I had never heard of before. Not only do I need washi tape and stickers, I need magnetic bookmarks and special pens and really really cute post-its not the square ones from Staples (although Staples does have a lot of cute stuff I've been there 3 or 4 times in the last week and a half.)Here are a few of my fist purchases. I'm still waiting on a bunch of stuff to ship from overseas.

Now that I have most of my supplies, I began decorating my weekly diary inserts (oh which by the way are also new I decided I like the look of these Barnes and Noble pages better than the ones that came with my filofax so I bought another planner just for the pages yep that's 3 planners for me so far)  
Here's this weeks decoration.  Funny how once I started this I realized it doesn't look like I have that much going on. Oh well, I love it and it let's me craft and be creative and that's all that really matters.

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